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About you

Experience art with other creatives for a more meaningful life.

If you love the arts, sharing your passion and being creative, you’ll feel right at home here. We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilled and creative life - and making and practising art is an important part of that!

Perhaps you are crazy about making music, singing, dancing, painting, acting, designing, taking pictures or writing - we understand and connect you with other like-minded creative students or teachers to create new opportunities for you to engage more meaningful in life.

Opportunities and sharing passion needs to be fostered. That's why we provide the tools for students and teachers to get together and make their art practise reality.

For art lovers and students

Find other creatives and the most amazing courses and workshops in your area by identity-verified teachers.
We ensure proper money and course handling between you and your teachers and provide you with a platform to share your own art with co-creatives.

For freelance art teachers

Connect to and stay in contact with local art students and set up new or existing courses and workshops with a few clicks.
Use your own location or one of our location partners. We handle most business tasks, so you can focus on your passion.

For collectives and schools

Collaboration opens up a world of opportunities. Freelancers, team up and create a joint brand, a workshop series together - or run your own school with one of you as admin.
The sky is the limit and you are in control.

Our story

"As a former professional dancer and dance teacher I have been in contact with countless artists over the past years with many of them sharing the same issue; how to easily and efficiently organize courses.

Among art teachers there is a common understanding that there is lots of room for improvement when it comes to the way in which art centres, small art schools and freelance teachers cooperate. Existing management and administrative layers don't operate with current technology making it difficult to quickly and cost effectively get new courses to the market and connect with students.

When the local art school I worked at decided to let go of their adult education departments, it meant that teachers were losing their jobs and had to continue as independent agents.

With little knowledge about how to run succesful businesses the to-be independent art teachers came to me asking if they could use CIRCLE Dance, a web-platform for professional dancers I built in the years before, as springboard for selling their services as freelance teachers.

For several reasons the CIRCLE Dance solutions wouldn’t work, but a similar idea should. This new idea would not only solve the art schools’ problems but also present an innovative new framework for the art community to work together.

After presenting my plans to the heads of the dance department as a solution for all freelance art teachers, they were so impressed that they suggested offering it to their other departments as well. Step by step, I refined the idea, validated the problems with co-workers, locations, and partners, and sharpened the focus. Artship was born."

A diverse team

Lars Wettmann
Ceo & Founder

Lars is a dancer, dance teacher and creative entrepreneur with the aim of creating fair opportunities for fellow artists. After he graduated at Codarts, he danced for several dance companies and taught amateur classes.

He set up CIRCLE Dance as a subsidy-independent alternative to local professional dance trainings. Besides Rotterdam, he made professional training more available by establishing co-locations throughout the Netherlands, using the same web platform and business formula.

Rob Geers
Chief Marketing Officer

Rob has a master’s degree in Information- and Communication sciences and Philosophy, and is an experienced marketing and communication expert for businesses in the financial and cultural sector.

He co-founded Volgspot and cultureel-avonturiers and supported more than 50 individual artists and cultural institutions in fundraising, business development, cultural marketing, training and research.

Rob combines his skills in writing and communication with his knowledge of the online world to make sure services are found and strangers are turned into lifelong customers.

Piet Eenkhoorn
Senior Advisor

Piet is a globally operating entrepreneur involved in purpose-driven businesses. Piet oversaw European operations for Investnet, raised funds, managed investor relationships, and helped preparing an IPO.

Piet decided to fulfill a longstanding wish to study philosophy. After his second master’s degree (his first was in law), Piet became involved in several international business initiatives ranging from start-ups to established organizations. His natural role is to connect people and to help create an environment for achieving shared goals.

Creative Partners In Crime

What Teachers Say

“I was critical what Artship could do for me. It has turned out to be better in just about every aspect.”
After more than 20 years in business on my own, I was open, but also critical what Artship could do for me. So far it has turned out to be better in just about every aspect: I enjoy better working conditions, with more freedom, and much - and I mean MUCH - better payment for the same work. I feel much more free to do what I am really good at, while Artship takes care of the back-office, customer service, advertisting, etc. This wave of positive energy also helps me with maintaining the group in the course, new people keep coming and wanting to join. I can see Artship as a viable business-model for the present, and I hope many other professionals will see this too. Together, we could really make a difference, for more jobs, not less.

Thomas Körtvélyessy

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